About Us
Our mission is to improve the collective knowledge of the world.
Collective Press is a producer and publisher of entertainment and educational content. Our portfolio of brands represent our commitment to developing the highest quality content, services, and products that culminate in informative, enriching, and impactful experiences for the world.

Founded in 2014 by a team of serial entrepreneurs from Stanford, Berkeley, and UPenn, Collective Press was started with a single premise: What would a modern media company look like? Built from scratch, Collective Press has been able to re-invent and re-design content creation for the digital age.

Our software and tools enable content creators from all of the world to contribute and get compensated for their expertise. Together, Collective Press publications reach over 50 million unique visitors each month.
Our Principles
We believe in growing and getting better each day. We try new things, challenge the status quo, and always strive to get to the next level.
As a media company, quality does not just apply to our own standards of value but, more importantly, to the standards of our audience.
From investing in test kitchens and taste testing recipes, to bringing in experts to vet the most obscure facts, we will go the extra mile to bring accurate and up-to-date knowledge to our audiences.